Functional Medicine Discovery Call!

* Please Read The Rules BEFORE Scheduling! 😁

1. SHOW UP! We have a very busy operation and help A LOT of people. So please, if you're going to book a call...please set aside 20-30 minutes where you're in a quiet place without distractions

2. BE MOTIVATED! One reason why we get such great results with patients is we only accept people who are hellbent on making the necessary changes to get healthy. In other words, they follow the blueprint we give them. They adhere to lab findings etc. So I'd say if your motivation level to make modifications is low...hold off on booking a call.

3. BE IN A POSITION TO INVEST IN YOUR HEALTH! No insurance on planet earth pays to get and keep you healthy. Sad because we're getting people HEALTHY. In fact, because we help folks get healthy and make modifications...they are spending less money on eating out, processed garbage foods, expensive medications etc. So in the long run people SAVE a boatload of money by going through our program. I will also add, investing in your HEALTH is the #1 investment you can make. When you lose your lose it all! 

***DISCLAIMER - We can't take you off your medications. We didn't put you on them. However, we've had patients get off their BP meds, cholesterol meds etc. Again, we can't make promises or's just what we've seen.

4. SPOUSE? If you do make financial choices with a spouse / significant other...maybe schedule a time where you're both on the call together so we're not playing 'He said / she said' etc...or 'Let me talk to my husband about this...' It's much easier if you're both on the call together.

Scroll Down & Choose A Time That Fits You Best! We Look Forward To Talking With You Real Soon!